• Rural is rural

    Rural is rural

    TAWI provides rural communities with the only Dog healthcare services and medications within 100km...

  • Dog Population Management

    Dog Population Management

    Dogs here suffer a harsh 90% mortality rate. TAWI sterilises as many as possible with the goal of fewer, healthier Dogs...

  • People love their Dogs!

    People love their Dogs!

    But there's no education in how to look after them properly. Find out more about how TAWI works to bridge this gap...

  • Healthier Dogs = Healthier People!

    Healthier Dogs = Healthier People!

    We are striving to understand more and improve our effectiveness in innovative ways. Learn more about our research studies…

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Nearly half of the world’s Dog population are unseen in the isolated rural areas furthest from towns & cities… that is where we are.

There are a lot of people and organisations working towards helping the millions of Dogs throughout the world but sadly very few in such areas.

Difference between a Township and a Rural Village

Many organisations and individuals use the term Rural when referring to a Township. A Township is where people go to stay, usually moving from their rural home stead, to be nearer a town or city and the possibility of finding work.

There is also a marked difference in the problems faced by Animal Welfare Organisation (AWO) working in a poor township than in a poor rural area for example animal abuse is usually far more prevalent in a the Township whereas in rural areas where there are far more animals (and Dogs in particular) distances and lack of available resources are the biggest challenge with 90% of all AWO and services being concentrated near townships.

We are one of those that are reaching into the isolated kraals dotted along the beautiful (mostly) unspoilt rural hills of the Transkei where there are thousands of unseen Dogs, an idyllic free roaming life for most of those that can make it through without injury or disease but only the strong 10% survive, and other weaker 90% suffer and die from easily treatable basic diseases keeping nature’s balance. New knowledge has often not reached here yet, besides, Dogs here have less value than a chicken where food is sparse.  The situation in the few small towns is worse attracting those that need to resort to scavenging.

Since there are no ‘how to do it’ manuals on what we are doing, it is leading us down new and interesting paths in finding what works best so that the lives of these rural Dogs, their indigenous Xhosa carers and the environment can all develop in a sensible sustainable way.

It is a daunting challenge for a small team, but where there is needless suffering, surely man must find a way… it is after all our doing, so it is our responsibility!

These unseen Dogs deserve this courtesy.

We are pleased and proud you chose to look at our webpage and hope you will join with us in some way, whether it is just reading and learning more about rural Dogs and what we are doing, or just passing it onto others… or maybe even coming to visit. Thank you and welcome.