The Transkei Animal Welfare Initiative (TAWI) provides primary animal health care services (primarily for companion animals) in the rural ancestral hills of the former Transkei, Eastern Cape, South Africa. We are not a shelter, rather we work proactively in an outreach capacity taking services directly to rural communities, thereby “rescuing” animals in their own home by providing families with the support, knowledge and access to treatments they need to effectively care for their animals in a sustainable way for generations to come.


Here in the remote hills, free-roaming companion animals suffer from over-breading, malnutrition, disease, parasites, infection, neglect and cruelty. There are no veterinary services for 100s of kilometres and TAWI is the only organisation providing these much needed services.

TAWI is an autonomous, transparent, not for profit and ethical body, entirely reliant on donations to carry out its valuable work minimising suffering for rural companion animals.


Please donate and support the Dogs (and Cats) of the Transkei.