Through community engagement, education and working with tribal leaders, owners and children, our involvement addresses needs expressed by the communities with the approach of gaining understanding, acceptance and co-operation in the provision of acceptable interventions that proactively improve the lives of animals.

This is especially challenging when it comes to trying minimise the suffering of companion animals in extremely marginalised indigent areas where they understandably have minimal value compared with livestock. However the financial and humane responsibility of keeping any animal needs to remain the owners whether indigent cow or Dog or otherwise.

The dilemma is between minimising basic suffering and affordability but still reaching a long term sustainable balance between these. TAWI attempts to achieve a realistic balance by identifying what the most relevant and cost effective approaches are to minimise suffering, and empower and support companion animal owners with the knowledge and encouragement needed to properly look after the animals in their care.

For example; a large percentage of Dogs suffer from skin conditions caused by parasites which is exacerbated by poor nutrition. Nutrition can be improved by switching mielie meal for rice with lentils and manually dipping and sprinkling salt on sleeping areas reduces parasites. This is one example of the approaches we have used to great benefit.