TAWI concentrates on transferring knowledge to every homestead in the 16 communities we are presently able to visit – mainly on how best to treat and control parasites i.e. worms, fleas, ticks and mange as these cause the most suffering. The other prevalent disease we are able to treat is biliary, in addition to assisting with minor wounds and infections. A top priority during outreach is administering annual rabies vaccinations and when we suspect rabies, euthanising, reporting and ensuring all animals in the vicinity have been vaccinated and all people receive post-exposure treatment where necessary to minimise the contraction and spread of this most awful disease.

Depending on what we find when visiting each homestead, we also advise on various other issues i.e. cost effective ways on how to improve nutrition if Dogs are underweight, make a warm dry place for lactating puppies and generally encourage humane handling and treatment of Dogs.

Since 2009, TAWI has treated 16,000 Dogs in a region where no other such services exist (apart from rabies) for over 100km and we are constantly approached to help farther afield. Sadly, a lack of funding restricts us. If there is anyway you can help – be it donations, expertise, knowledge or time, please get in touch