Many people perceive there to be an over-population problem here in the former Transkei. Our experience is that this is not the case but rather, there is an over-breeding problem. The difference is very simple… only 1 in 10 puppies survive their first year.

Think about that for a minute.

9 out of 10 puppies come into this world to suffer and die within their first 12 months of life. That is why sterilisations are so infinitely important. One female Dog living for 6 years and her offspring can produce over 60,000 puppies. When you sterilise one, you save the suffering of so many more.

We carry out sterilisations as and when affordable and although we do as many as possible, it’s nowhere near enough. We have no choice but to select communities and families on a priority basis where there is already a good level of accountability, responsibility and care or a family who is responding well to efforts to improve the health and wellbeing of their Dogs (and Cats). We always run out of funds before we run out of animals.


We know that sterilising makes the biggest difference – to the individual Dog, their family and the community. We keep costs to a minimum and the cost of sterilising is R300 – that includes the vet, medications, transport and follow-up. If you would like to sponsor a sterilisation, please make a donation to make a difference.