University of Pretoria (UP): June 2014

The University of Pretoria Veterinary Faculty came down to do a 2 week Veterinary Needs Analysis for TAWI in mid-2014 in a community that has had no animal health interventions. A short synopsis of the Full Report of recommendations made emanating from the study;

Focus on puppy health

The puppy mortality rate is extremely high. It is likely that the combination of a high worm and flea infestation, malnutrition and exposure to the cold during winter, are major contributing factors. Recommendations were to deworm, improve protein and feeding of lactating bitches and warm dry sleeping den.

Focus on skin conditions

It was noticeable how much time dogs spent scratching and licking themselves due to their itchy skins. Pruritus affects quality of life – dogs that are constantly itching are experiencing poor welfare. The skin problems are most likely caused by a combination of fleas and flea allergy dermatitis, skin mites (Mange). Suggestions were treating with Ivomectin, improve flea control both on dog and in the environment and discourage and educate on the harmful use of household pesticides and chemicals on dogs.

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