We live and operate out of a rustic Bush Camp with an indigenous forest behind us and the Pacific Ocean in front of us on the real Wild Coast, near Port St Johns, in the former Transkei homeland where Nelson Mandela was born.

The Transkei section of the Wild Coast is rural South Africa at its best and the roads to the coast lead the visitor through the Xhosa heartland, a stunning landscape of rolling green hills dotted with thatched rondavels and indigenous forests, offering interesting glimpses into a culture far removed from the stresses of modern life. A unique and much loved quirk of the Transkei is the frequent sightings visitors have of cows on the beaches. From its AmaPondo people, to its unforgettable beaches, waterfalls and famous landmarks, the Transkei Wild Coast offers a wealth of things to see and experience. This coupled with a great climate, hot summers and mild dry winters, makes it an ideal tourist destination.

The sad reality though is that it is the poorest region in South Africa’s most marginalised province. Average life expectancy of 41, the lowest per capita income, unemployment at over 70% severely affects the financial ability of people in the region to afford even basic medications and treatments for their animals.

But that is why we are here!